1. Ming Tomb. Tried to experience walking from Earth to Heaven and back. :)) #Beijing #OnMyWayToTheGreatWall #China

  2. Next visit ko sa Beijing, bibilhin na kita. ;) #AnakNgDragon #JadeFactory #Beijing #China

  3. Last day of the fieldwork. Kaya sobrang saya namin! ;) #GeologicalMappingTeam #YunnanProvince #China

  4. My second International Certificate. ;) #GeochemicalAndGeophysicalDataProcessing #YunnanProvince #ChinaGeologicalSurvey #StudyHardLandiLater

  5. Got my first International Certificate. Yehey! ;) #ChinaGeologicalSurvey #GeologicalMappingTeam #YunnanProvince #StudyHardLandiLater


  6. Of Buses and Comfort: A Comparative Assessment of Buses Around Asia

    Let’s not talk about trains because the train system here in the Philippines has not been upgraded since the 90s, and there are only three lines in the city train, and one from the city to the countryside. I cannot make an assessment on its efficiency when compared to the train systems of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Beijing.

    Let’s talk about buses. The number of buses being the control in…

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  7. Dahil sa sobrang namiss ko ang mga Filipino food, pagbalik na pagbalik, kumain ako ng adobo, sinigang, yumburger, at Mr. Chips. Feeling ko, di muna ako kakain ng spicy food and noodles for a very long time. :))

    Photo credit to Travel Factor. :)

  8. My favorite souvenir from China. An i-do-not-know-what-to-call-it stamp made from jade with a dragon head. :) It is said that every person must have a jade with him in his home for good luck. While having the dragon as my animal sign made it luckier for me. Plus my name on it made it more extra special, of course. ;)

  9. #LookUpPose #GeologicalMappingTeam #Wuding #YunnanProvince #China

  10. Huli sa akto sa labis na paggamit ng monopod sa fieldwork. Tawa na lang. HAHA!